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A 35 year old woman is brought to the rural hospital where you are doing a locum. She has been fitting for 30 minutes, has a gurgling, obstructed airway and is deeply cyanosed. Nobody has been able to insert a cannula…

A 57 year old man presents to your General Practice with deep, aching chest pain. During your assessment he suddenly collapses to the floor pulseless and not breathing…

A 12 year old with brittle asthma has arrived at your ED. She is unable to speak and looks increasingly exhausted. There has been no response to continuous nebulizers…

If these scenarios make you feel uncomfortable, the Emergency Life Support (ELS) Course can help.

  • Two full days of instruction on medical emergencies – the things not covered by most courses
  • Hands-on and interactive; small group skills practice, short lectures and a comprehensive manual
  • Proven formula with 175 highly regarded courses held since 1997
  • Highly skilled, motivated faculty – all volunteers and all experts
  • Friendly, supportive atmosphere
  • Points accreditation for ACEM, ACRRM and  RACGP

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“Intubation drill very useful. Other courses haven’t gone through in enough detail.”
- Rural GP / ED SMO, Wahroonga ELS Course 2014

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Tamworth, NSW 3-4 December 2016